Kirk Montgomery Portfolio

Most of this portfolio consists of work done for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Kirk Montgomery
Design, Art & Graphics
Kirk Montgomery is a talented, versatile graphic artist and designer based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Kirk has years of experience handing tight deadlines and brainstorming creative solutions to complex graphic design problems.

After his graduation from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Kirk worked at newspapers in Birmingham, Alabama and Cincinnati, Ohio before beginning an eight-year stint as a graphic artist and graphics editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer. At his current job as Assistant Managing Editor for Design and Graphics at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Kirk is in charge of art and graphics as well as the design of the newspaper – still manages to do design work and create graphics, photo collages and illustrations for the newspaper. 

The following is a selection of Kirk's creative output.
Shale drilling has become common in Arkansas. This color graphic was done at the same time as an identical black-and-white version that was published in the Democrat-Gazette.
Photo illustration for a story about the top offensive player in Arkansas high school football.
Informational graphic describing injection wells.
Anatomy of a painful foot problem.
Jerry Butler wrote a story about birds that had been blown into the state of Arkansas by recent storms, and this illustration/graphic presented the reader with images of the birds mentioned in the story.
A news map showing the extent of volcanic ash moving into Europe from Iceland.
This informational graphic explains how forensic artists recreate a face using a skull as their guide.
When Bobby Petrino arrived at the University of Arkansas at head football coach, the newspaper wrote about his prowess as a play caller. This conceptual photo illustration for that story ran on the cover of the 2008 football section. 
Art for a preview of Arkansas' premier beginning-of-summer event, Riverfest.
This blueprint-for-a-better-sandwich illustration ran on the cover on Dining Out.
A combination of photograph and charts that depict the Dow's drop for the day and over a two month period.
Elvis' famous Little Rock concert is recounted in the Style section, with a photo illustration as lead art.
Arkansas was the original home of spring training? It sure was, and this photo illustration accompanied the story on that subject. 
A photo illustration for B.B. King's appearance at a blues festival in Arkansas.
Adobe Illustrator illustration for a story about hula hoops.
Every year the Democrat-Gazette puts out a football section to kick off the college season. This cover was created for the 2010 tab.
A photo illustration for a story about a pianist who also competes in the triathlon.
Art for a story about 2012, the Year of the Dragon.
A full page graphic about pop culture icon Elvis Presley. 
A program cover for an alternative high school's reunion, the first since the school closed in the early eighties.
An illustration for a story about a snarky Santa.
A photo illustration for the opening day of the Major League Baseball season.
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